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Professional code and Code for contractual translation

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  • Professional code
  • Code for contractual translation

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    International Association of Conference Translators


    Article 1

    The provisions of the present Code, which constitutes the ethical code of the profession, are binding on all the members of the Association.

    Article 2

    Translators1 shall not engage in any form of activity incompatible with their duties or likely to be detrimental to the dignity of the profession.

    Article 3

    Translators shall observe professional secrecy. At no time shall they communicate to anybody information which they have obtained in the course of their duties and which has not been made public. They are not relieved of this obligation on the expiry of their contract.

    Article 4

    The translator shall not knowingly accept an appointment or work which is beyond his or her competence.

    Article 5

    Translators shall maintain friendly relations with their colleagues and observe their duties of moral support and solidarity. They shall refrain from all forms of unfair competition.

    Article 6

    Any dispute between members of the Association on professional questions may be submitted to the Disciplinary Board.

    Article 7

    Except in cases of force majeure, translators shall not undertake duties other than those provided for in their contract.

    Article 8

    Translators shall not consent to work in conditions likely to be detrimental to the quality of their work. Should a member of the Association be offered a contract which is not consistent with best practices, that member shall, unless he or she decides to refuse the contract, make the appropriate reservations. In either case the matter shall be referred to the Executive Committee and the latter shall take the appropriate action.

    Article 9

    Each member of the Association shall select a professional domicile, i.e. the only place where he or she may be recruited as local staff on a contract pursuant to an agreement concluded between AITC and an employer or group of employers.

    The professional domicile may not be changed for a period of less than a year. Any change shall be notified without delay to the Executive Secretary.

    Article 10

    Except in cases of force majeure, the translator shall not withdraw from a contract unless he or she can give reasonable notice, supply a valid reason and propose a competent substitute.

    Article 11

    Members of the Association shall refrain from any action detrimental to the Association.

    Article 12

    Members of the Association who fail to observe the provisions of this Code shall be liable to the disciplinary measures specified in the Constitution.


    1 The term “translator” is defined in Article 2 of the AITC Constitution.

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